Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Happy New Year!! You may say that it's a bit late for all of that but if you were a Chinaman, you'd say I was a very premature.... or wewy pwemature (with free pwawn cwacker). You see, for the aforementioned Chinaman, 2013 begins on February 10th. It's the year of the Black Snake, a year of steady progress and attention to detail. Apparently focus and discipline will be necessary if you want to achieve what you set out to create (hm, focus and discipline? to be fair not my two greatest strengths!). Of all the signs, the Snake is the most enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected, but you already knew that. 
I always thought 2012 had a great ring to it... and it proved to be one of the most memorable on many levels. I loved it. 2013? I don't know, just has that feeling of being a bit more challenging. And therefore maybe, focus and discipline, are indeed two good buzz words to move forward with. So what does that mean for us back here at Surf's Up! High Command? Well I think that actually the characteristics of the snake make for a good starting point.... looking at three in particular - intuitive, introspective and refined.
Intuition is an irrational function, it can be opposed to rational thinking, and that's been a strength of ours, at least I think, over the course of our history. We haven't been tied to what the head has told us, we're about heart and soul. Our company motto, "let the mind unshackle; set it free" - we're true to that. Intuition is as much about vision and placing your trust in that vision. And I think going forward, small businesses like ours have to stay true to their core values and yes be flexible, but not lose sight of what our company represents to our clients. Oh, this is deep! Deeeep!
Introspective, this is an interesting one because it can refer to oneself or that of the business. We're going into our 19th year here at Surf's Up!... and I know over that time, I've changed, as has the business. If we're to nail our two buzz words, focused and disciplined, then we need to take a good look at what we're currently doing, be introspective... recognise what we do well and what we could do better, and move forward with a determination to improve. That process is ongoing and needs to marry up and balance with intuition. Seems obvious, but when it gets a bit tougher, I think more consideration and time need to given over to these areas.
And then refined. Used as an adjective this word means, 'freed from impurities by processing'. Since 1995, we've gained enough experience, I think, to undertake that task of being introspective and to be self critical, to a point where we can produce a service that is better than before. Numbers of students through the surf school peaked about five years ago, leaving us now I believe with a great opportunity to deliver a better and more personal service than ever before. We've never been driven by numbers of clients or turnover, but by quality of service. When we began, I remember a  top dog businessman (we called him Parsnips, because his name was Parsons!) giving us the following advice, "Chase the quality of your service or product, don't chase the money." We can get better, for sure. That's what we're looking at now.. the how's and where's.
So yep, an intuitive, introspective, refined combo..... that's what we're gunning for in 2013! (hey Pete, lighten up dude and pass me a cwacker!). And relax, as you were, back on your balls! In summary, this is not a dress rehearsal.. I'd normally say at this point that we'll wait until we see the white's of your eyes, but that ain't gonna be the case this year. We're going to be so dialled in that you'll notice, well you'll notice that we're just going about our business, better.
Okay, some house notes!! Beach House (sleeps ten) availability as follows. Oh hang on, just got some hideous cramp at my desk... be right, that hurt! Did the old pointy the toes to the sky routineand I'm back in the game.. oh yes.. 

Feb Half term: 7 nights arrival 8th Feb, 15th Feb, 22nd Feb - £650 including hire of surf equipment.
Easter Break: 7 nights arrival 29th March, 5th April - £850 including hire of equipment.
And then on the 29th March we have a few places left on our Duke of Edinburgh residential - 5 nights, £250 inclusive of 5 lessons and hire... staying at our Trenant Flat. 
My work here is done. First e-news of the year.... getting back into the swing. It's good to be back! I'm off to dip my crackers in some sweet chilli sauce!! You know I love you... 
P of the Deep Blue C x
ps please note I've justified the text, first time for everything!