Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I don't ever recall walking on the beach in the early hours and seeing ice on the High Tide mark! What a beautiful day! Stunning - the sun's out, should warm up nicely this afternoon. Not much surf at the moment, but it'll be here soon. All in all a perfect Christmas combo - sunny on the beach, bit of surf, no wind and snow up on the Moor. Couldn't be any better! The boys have already torn into their pressies, (leaving Santa some Cadbury flakes and and a glass of milk did the trick) and I've unwrapped my socks! I must be loved, it's a three pack!

Here's our boys with the cousins Charlie and Jamie up on Bodmin Moor yesterday.

Despite my reluctance to indulge in religion, we do make the annual trip to church for a good old sing song! I sat next to my Dad who has a good turn of phrase. If he instigated humour in our family, I improved upon it. Uncontrollable giggles is as much part of the service as 'Come all ye Faithful'. I was in total control until Dad sitting next to me whispered, "It is the organist that is the Church fidget". Oh well, it set me off. Cassocks off to the vicar, the St. Minver service was perfect for the young audience - short and sweet.

Actually, Christmas is great, especially now the boys are older. To have all the Grandparents, and my sis and her family down is fantastic. The cousins have such a great time together. We're going to meet them all in a minute for a walk on Daymer and then back up to the house for a big feast! I may not be religious, but there are times when I do feel truly blessed.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Surf's Up! Special

We've noted the difficulties being faced around the country in getting to the shops. And now the added pressure of whether on-line gifts will arrive in time due to the snow and ice! And in classic Surf's Up! styley we've come up with a plan.

Up until 4.30pm on Christmas Eve we're open for online surf vouchers. All you have to do is contact us on 07760 126225, tell us how much you'd like the voucher to be for (min £10) and we'll send it to you via e-mail! All you then have to do is print it out your end, stick it in a card and Bob's your Uncle. The voucher can be used against anything in the shop ie wetsuit, hoodies etc; or for lessons on the beach: or even use it for the Beach House. A great present with lots of options. I hope this helps if you're in a bit of a fix!

Have you seen the surf forecast for Christmas Day / Boxing day? All time! Overhead, offshore, long travelled swell - it could be classic!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


It's as if we're living on a different planet. Yesterday my sis, who's down for Christmas, recorded eight degrees in Truro. And yet when we switch on the news, the rest of the country is battling against really hash conditions. No doubt our time will come.

Lucked out with the eclipse of the moon on this morning! It was low over the sea. Didn't expect to see that. Off to Plymouth.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tax Dodgers!

Went down to Truro yesterday - not sure where they get these retail record sales figures from?Couldn't have been easier to park. There were a few people around but just a normal weekend. Blocking the likes of Top Shop and Evans were these stupid protestors banding on about Philip Green avoiding UK tax. It's a ridiculous campaign. It's a campaign of envy, a destructive culture that really annoys me. I was just about to enter into some lively dialogue when the police came to encourage them back to their squats!