Saturday, 24 September 2011

Drop Everything

If you had any plans today, can I suggest that you change them! Polzy is firing - 3- 4ft, light wind from the South.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Sweet as

Sweet as this morning - head high on the sets, no wind. Definitely worth suiting up for and no horses in the line- up.

Eight eggs from the chickens this morning! They must be happy chickens. Got in a bit of a head spin when the flymo fired up.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

King's Troop part 2

The King's Troop were back on the beach this morning - and apart from one of the riders breaking his leg, and a couple of horses bolting back to camp - one with jockey, one without - I think it went pretty well!
Surf's Up! shorts: Cat still missing : The chickens are doing well, I'm thinking of taking some photos to put in my albumen (you can have that one): I let them go free range yesterday, there was fantastic face off between Nugget and Libby, our black Lab... they were black nose, to yellow beak. Libby retreated gracefully giving it the old sideways white of the eyes worried look : surf today? head high, bit onshore, sun is out.. and the ice cream van has arrived, that'll be a Feast Original for me then.

Wellingtons are definitely going to catch on, loving them.. oh and an umbrella, the combo just works... is this an age thing? To be honest, it was wellies or Crocs. Shoes with holes in? Not for me : Two companies (one might be owned by the other) that I think are just the best example of what's possible in troubled times, Premier Inn and Costa, the Costa drive through, genius : Oh and postie Ken who's just been in for a chin wag asked how Billy's leg was. I've heard two Polzeath rumours recently, one was that Billy broke his leg and the second was that we're moving to Australia, neither are true or have any foundation whatsoever! I can only think that the local gossip mongers must be having a lean spell. You can't make it up,... actually you can and they do! Saddos!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Not a lot of people know this, but one of my great loves is the piano. And when we haven't got guests staying in our flat (not because I sound like Les Dawson, but because it's where the piano is kept) I play quite a lot. I was tinkling away only a short while ago and I was reminded of a funnyish story from a couple of years ago.

We took a group of local kids over to Brittany for a surf camp, where we stayed in this gothic mansion. It had three floors and a dungeon - great for scaring the kids on halloween (which it was). In the large lounge stood this white grand piano. Over the week, I'd sit down from time to time and play a few notes but not used to public performances kept it to a minimum. Anyway, I can't remember exactly how it happened, but one afternoon following a blinding morning surf, and gaining in confidence I let rip with a rendition of the Theme from Love Story. Mikey, who was in the next room, came and sat down on the long stool beside me to listen. Once I'd finished he was full of praise, seemed genuinely impressed and took it upon himself to gather the kids, so that I could give a repeat performance to them. I really, really didn't want to, but peer group pressure from the kids all sat behind me, was overwhelming. So I took a big deep breathe and gave it a go. It's funny how silly little things like this can make a grown man so nervous. It went well I thought - less Les Dawson than I'd imagined. And not bad considering my last outing would have been as an eight year old at a school concert.

Pleased with my performance and delighted to have finished, I turned to accept the justified praise, only to find that they'd all gone, tipped toed out of the room and left me to play all by myself. Oh yes, very funny. Very funny indeed. Textbook.

Mikey works for BT now - I might just remember that little episode when I next see him up a pole. Might have to take his ladder away when he's not looking - who'll be laughing then eh! "Say sorry Mikey? Say "please Petey, o great one, can I have my ladder back?""

That was one hell of a holiday - some of the best waves I've ever surfed, even got barrelled on a swelly. Solid overhead most days. Crozon Peninsula, don't say I didn't tell you.

ps horses gave it a miss today, but they're down on the beach again in the morning and on Sunday.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kings Troop

The horses are back - The Kings Troop - they like a good canter around the beach, catching an early wave. I think it's the grooms that come down to ride them. Although one of the main men of the platoon (?) was there. I asked him whether these were the horses that were used for the Royal Wedding. Sadly not, but he went... as an usher! Also referred to I believe as a 'paid gentleman' .... one of a crew of ten from the military. That's the 'Fact of the Day'.

Now this is the sort of e-mail you like to get of a morning - and I quote -

"WOW – Just wanted to say a belated THANK YOU for not only the totally Stunning Calendar of Polzeath but the totally efficient way in which my order was taken and processed and sent out – a Wonder in a world where customer service is sometimes lacking, but not down with you."

We aim to please. If you haven't bought one of our calendars yet, then dive on in. One of the months shows a photos from when the horses came down last year.