Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mistaken identity

I knew they were okay, that group of guys staying the weekend weren't the 101 Dalmations seen walking up the road! No, they were the Hula girls!

Not much to report back here - surf 1ft, light onshore - great for beginners and improvers!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Stolen Swellies

What's going on? Fourteen swell boards were stolen on the weekend from Busty Moos Magic Surf Hire - sounds like a well planned scam. The boards were hired as normal but the credit card was not legite, and they never came back. Very hard to sell on as they're like gold dust second hand - especially as these were all reskins, ie look like new..... e-mails are flying around the surf industry, and I'm pretty sure they'll be tracked down. Just a matter of time - and when the culprits are caught we'll stick 'em in the slammer and throw away the key. Not really in line with the surfers spirit.

No word from Tesco as yet!

Shock horror - wet stuff has fallen from the sky overnight! Good for the hay! Local farmer boy was telling me that all this dry weather is bad for the hay, no moisture in it! Think we'll need a bit more than the light dusting we've had! Good for our black lab - she's enjoying a day of cloud cover - I thinks she's felt like a solar panel over the past few weeks. She's been panting like a one-legged man in an arse kicking competition.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Tesco - beware!

Quiz time - see if you can answer this maths teaser! At my local Tesco store, one 400g pack of McVities Digestives costs £1. Q. If I buy two packs how much would that cost? A. £2 - correct. Sitting next to the single pack is a special offer - 2 x 400g packs, package into one pack bearing the name, BIG VALUE PACK. Q. Do you think the BIG VALUE PACK costs more or less than the 2 individual packs. A. less - wrong!!!! No you see the BIG VALUE PACK costs £2.50, that's 25% more than if I buy them separately. Evil marketing ploy to hit the vulnerable looking for better value during these tough times? I've written to head office - I'll keep you informed. In the meantime, in the words of Shaw Taylor "Keep em peeled!" And if you come across any other BIG VALUE items that are not, please let me know.... helps keep the points up on my Clubcard!

Which reminds me, earlier today when I was at Tesco I saw Fabio Capello wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park. Being kindly he noticed an old lady struggling with her bags of shopping. He stopped and asked, “Can you manage dear?” To which the old lady replied: “No way. You got yourself into this mess. Don’t ask me to sort it out!”

As you'd expect a full and thorough discussion re. the England non performance has taken place on the beach today. One thing that occurred to me when playing footie this evening with Findog was that we don't see the players smile enough on the pitch. You know, like they're actually enjoying what they're doing! I'd like to see some smiling and laughing from now on please.

Aussie Mick has advised me that I've gone too long! So I've swapped the mother ship for a 6ft 8 - which was a good deal less cash! Probably wet the babys head tomorrow.

And finally, very disappointed that we have to say goodbye to Sharapova's grunt. Serena's grunt is formidable, just somehow not as pleasing as Maria's. Having said that I'd take Serena's grunt over a South African horn any day - those vuvuzela's have got to go!!

Rain today? Nope - I counted 15 spots on the windscreen, but that doesn't count!

Surf's still hanging in there - head high, light onshore. Forecast for some rain this afternoon - not a cloud in sight as we speak!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Oh Dear

Oh dear indeed! Bit depressing being an English fan sometimes! Here's my three pennies - 1) would like to see an English manager - I'm sure Capello is great but I can't understand a word he says! 2) why play players out of position? Don't get that at all. 3) none of our star players performed - I think they play too much during the domestic season. You can't play at the top of your game all the time.

And we have to see a change in the technology - we were well beaten in the end, but going in 2-2 at half time....... well we're never know!

Now we can put all this aside because I have some exciting news! I've bought a new surfboard!! Aussie Mick and I were both paddling back out to the line-up last night. Mick must have seen my last wave and decided to offer up some well received advice. "Hey Pete, I know a board that would suit you. It's called a McCoy - nice and fat in the tail, sits up out of the water, it suits a different style of riding." I took that last bit as a compliment!! To be fair I've really struggle for years trying to find something that suits and I've surfed the Swellies far too much as a fall back. It's been a source of real frustration, real frustration. I got straight onto the internet to do my research the moment I got home and then this morning headed down to Hayle to check out the only dealer in Europe. I've come back with a 6ft 10 Nugget, wide and thick in the tail - I can see how this might work. Will wet it's head very shortly, particularly as the surf is pumping.