Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Apple, Orange and UKMail have conspired to waste my life this morning!! Grrr... How many Apple Reps are going to ask me today where I was first kissed. (Yes, somewhere between the Balkans was funny a couple of days ago, but I'm feeling ever so slightly testy right now.) Apple decided that I couldn't remember my password, and I therefore had two options. Receive an e-mail or answer the security questions. Well, we've already established that I can't remember where I was first kissed. I was young, drunk, it obviously didn't mean anything..if I was pushed I'd say it was in an icy Strasbourg fountain back in the 80's but my recollection is hazy at best. I went for option one, but failed to receive the promised e-mail. So I rang them... and spoke to Iro in Athens who, rather than let the question go, I kid you not, has been trying to help jog my memory. Now unless it was her and she's bitter that I can't recall the encounter, that seems to me to be a completely fruitless exercise. Look just send me the e-mail, let me reset my password so that then I can buy stuff!! As I say, ever so slightly testy now!! This whole episode (which took two hours!) is compounded by the fact that I received a phone call before this to say that my £200 'free' upgrade Iphone 5 (Oh the irony) will not be dropped off today because there's no-where on the planet that goes by the first two lines of my billing address and the last two lines of my delivery address!! Excuse me while I slap my forehead really hard several times! Grrrrrr!

Anyway, how are you? It's a fine day, the sun's out, the birds are singing, the badgers are badgering. I'm here actually on business. (Following the Monday morning meeting with the curly cheese ball!).. response has been awesome to the Surf's Up! Hoody Bundles following my last e-news, they're flying out the door as we speak. Still some left, but please don't leave it too late... we don't want no tears, me dears. The desk top calendars have arrived hot of the press and orders are being processed as we speak. £8 each, £16 for two (!) can't say fairer than that! Nice little gift this one, have it on the desk at work or on the side in the kitchen. Whenever you check the date or it catches your eye, you'll be transported immediately to a land of happy days! Best ring us on 07760 126225 or drop us an email. Avian, our chief administrator and bear killer, is on stand by with sticky backed plastic and brown paper to action the orders as and when they come in...here's a sneaky peak at April.

The other thing that I must draw your attention to.. is that the Beach House remains available for Christmas. This would be a first. Can't believe it. If you've never been down to Polzeath for Christmas, then treat yourself. It's very special. A fresh walk on the beach on Christmas day, maybe a pop over to St. Enodoc Church on Boxing day for a sing song (I'm not a religious kind of guy but I enjoy a good old sing song), a bit of a dip, ride a few waves. I could go on, but let's cut to the chase... £600 for the Christmas period, 23rd to the 30th December! Sleeps ten normal people or 18 midgets. (Is that Midgetist? Not meant to be). The Christmas tree is already up and we're baking the mince pies as I write. Please either call us on 07760 1256225 or drop us an e-mail if it tickles your buds.