Wednesday, 5 January 2011


"I thought you'd gone?" I bumped into a mate in Truro yesterday. "Gone? Gone where?" "I'd heard that you'd sold up and had gone, Australia I think?"

Oh the wonders of living in a small village! Chinese whispers. My sister and her family have gone to Hong Kong for a few years, in fact they arrived just a short while ago and mum informs me they've been to see their new house and the kids have had a quick look around their new school. What an adventure! They were all down here for Christmas and New Year and it was the best ever. A good send off. Sad to see them go - but in this age of technology, communication will be easy as.

So no, we haven't gone! And we're not going anywhere. In fact, tails are up, feeling very good about this year. The last couple have been challenging. Highest turnover, and yet the lowest profit! Damn! Restricts investment. We came up with a plan early last season to come off our spot on the beach and operate solely from the Beach House - but that idea was soon thrown out. Instead a complete restructuring of the business has been the way forward and that's why for us 2011 has the potential to be very good.

Just a quick observation. We've been to loads of footie matches with the boys over the holiday. Plymouth, despite all their troubles are doing their very best. The matches are not that exciting, but they're fighting hard and I still think they could get promoted. Billy and Fin both train with Plymouth Argyle and along with their cousins, got to meet the players the other day.

And then on Monday we went up to Exeter to watch the match against Brighton, the league leaders. The only seats left were right next to the Brighton supporters - a banner two seats wide were the only obstacle between us and the travelling fans.... and that was brilliant. Right in the heart of all the singing and banter. There was a real buzz being where we were. And at the end of the match (Brighton won 2-1) it was hand shakes all round.

Anyway my point was this - I'd seen on the telly the reports about the rubbish collections falling four weeks behind. What I didn't realise was that Exeter was one of the main offenders. Walking through the back streets was a bit like how imagined it must have been during the war. It was that bad - bags upon bags strewn across the streets by foxes and badgers. But here's the thing. I totally get why people would blame the council etc etc etc - but at what point do you wake up in the morning and say "I need to sort this out myself. Gather the rubbish and take it down the tip." We've developed a culture of blame - perhaps this needs to be the year of taking responsibility.

News has come through that the BSA - British Surfing Association - has gone into administration. No real surprises, it's been in trouble for a while. What I hadn't realised was that it was founded in 1966! A new body Surfing GB has been set up as a replacement - more news as it comes in.