Thursday, 21 July 2011

The sun is out, the sky is blue

Went to watch Joseph at St. Minver School yesterday - both performances, wasn't going to miss Billy in his 'ensemble and hairy Ishmalite' role. What a huge amount of effort must have gone into that. There were a few tears in the hall. I expect there will be more on Friday, when the seven years they've been together, comes to an end.

The sun is out today, sun and surf - 2ft, bit onshore but no-ones complaining. It's been a bit miserable the past few days. I think everyone's expecting a mass arrival of holiday makers on the weekend, so fair weather is what we want. It's been so much quieter generally around on the beach in June and July, people just haven't been around. Scary to think that we're nearly into August.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rhys - ripping it up

Here's one of our Surf's Up! Elite riders, Rhys enjoying some shack time in France. photo courtesy of Tim Nunn. Way to go Rhys, way to go!
That's Jonny Boy modelling the new tops! He does have a head! Jonny Boy came into the office yesterday for what he thought was a ticking off having not closed down the shop properly the night before. He looked quite scared! I had to explain to him that firstly, yes, we would like him to turn off the lights, computers tv etc. But secondly, he should hold his head up high because he's doing a really great job, working hard and getting lots of good feed back from his students. Make sure our clients have a good time and are looked after - that's all we really care about. Lights, computers - it's not something we're going to lose sleep over.

Weather today? bit wet as it goes - should brighten up later. Surf's not so bad - 3-4ft moderate North-West breeze.

Monday, 18 July 2011


Anyone else get the feeling that all this hacking saga is a bit like watching a game of Jenga - you just know eventually that it's all going to come crashing down and then spread much wider then you ever could have imagined. In the City, for example? There must be hacking going on amongst the banking world with so much money on the line. There must be. Of course the fear if you're a celebrity is finding out that you haven't been hacked. The shame of it.

New Stock

It's all here - nice shiny new stock that's been flying off the shelves since the delivery last week! The long sleeve hooded tops (thin hoodies) are a revelation and I'd take them all except that apparently we need to have them in the shop! Taking some photos tomorrow - and then they'll go on-line. If you want one, you'll need to be quick. Limited editions. Ooooh.

Rain, rain, go away, come back in September!

Just sanctioned Kelly's trip to France to support Toby in the Pro Juniors. Fingers crossed on that one. Toby's had a bit of time out, but has come back with avengence. When he says he's not surfing very well, he'll follow the statement up with a 360 aerial, it's all relative I guess. Good to see him back and firing. Good luck.

Keepy uppy records broken this weekend. Billyman - 410, Findog - 110. Interested? Thought not, but I have no further news.

Yes I do. Well done Tom on The Apprentice. Loving your work. He's one of those guys who was born to wear glasses. Such a great look.