Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Where there's a will there's a wave!

There you go - there's me saying the surf was a bit on the small size when out of the water come two familiar Surf's Up! client faces, clutching longboards, having had an amazing time. And why not? Great stuff.

Okay Van Persie shouldn't have been sent off, but what a travesty it would have been had Barca not made it through. We'd have been deprived of watching what is probably the best team ever assembled since someone decided it would be a better game if the ball was round. Poetry in motion. Oh, and Arsenal were rubbish. Plymouth won!! Green Army - of course with Billy now doing Plymouth Trials (have I mentioned that!) the survival of the club has become a little bit more personal. Talking of being signed up - Mahoustic has I believe been booked to play four gigs already this year. Seems that we have a bit of a Tintagel following. Talking of 'followers' - on Twitter, Charlie Sheen (legend) has nearly 2.5 million. I have 100! I'm just going onto the roof of the office to wave a machete around, that should do the trick!

So what's going down? I know - I was chatting to some friends yesterday. They live locally and enjoy a lovely sea view. The people in front have just extended their house, to such an extent that they've lost their view! That's wrong on so many levels (no pun intended). There's no legal right to a view, but common decency would dictate that you just wouldn't do that. They're going to sell their house and presumably buy a house on the front row. Annoys me that kind of thing. Oh and while I'm on it, pot holes!! Caused by ice, snow, and big fat lorries doing all this building! It's my view that a contribution should be paid by Developers to help keep the roads in a good state. As a keen cyclist, my bottom isn't taking to all this bumpiness at all well!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Not good for Beginners and Improvers!

The old surf school adage "Where there's a will there's a wave!" would be tested today. Not a lot happening out there - although it's a stunning day. Can't beat a bit of Spring sunshine to lift the spirits.

Billy donned the green shirt to play his first match for Plymouth Argyle on Sunday. All part of his six week trial. What an opportunity! He's put himself in the mix.... It's really stressful being the parent, that's for sure. But this is exactly where he needs to be.

Wailin is back in the office after returning from a successful Bali tour. Good to see him back.