Friday, 17 June 2011

Surf today? Pumping! Overhead and offshore - raining too! That's a good thing - keeps the beach quiet. Instructors very happy about it all.

I'm forty-four! I don't need the grief. There was a time when I used be asked to get involved in stuff, have an opinion. I'm not sure how that ever came about, that anyone would value my opinion. The problem is that more often than not what I might think is right, is completely wrong! That's why our senior staff have learned over time to just listen to Janey. She may not be as persuasive, but she's nearly always spot on. She speaks sense.

Anyway, now I simply don't get involved. Unless it directly affects the surf school or our staff then I can't see the point in cutting into family time. Simple as. In fact I sit on the fence so often that I've got my own initialled cushion. Is that an age thing? Sitting on the fence is pretty cool though, you can see a lot from up there.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ripping it up on a Swelly

Big Sam pulling off a sweet top turn on a softboard!

It's been well documented that I love surfing Swellboards - I've ridden them more than anything else. And I think why I love riding them so much is that they're easy! Historically, back in the early days of Surf's Up! we'd get only fleeting moments to surf ourselves, often when the water was busy. So we'd grab a swelly, safe in the knowledge that firstly we'd get a wave, and secondly, that we wouldn't be bumping into anyone on a hard board. Accidents happen, we didn't want to risk one as the owners of the surf school. Not good for a new business!

Now, of course, all of our instructors rip it up on short boards. But they do take to the Swellies when teaching the Boardriders (after-school surf club). And here's the result - Sam (above) pulling a very sweet move under the full gaze of instructor Megs.
Swellies - you've got to love 'em!

Surf's Up! Boardrider Jazz, ready to move up a group!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beautiful beach day - office was like a sauna when I came in this morning, had to strip down to me budgie smugglers just to reduce the glow. Surf today - 2ft, no wind, let me have a look at the forecast for the rest of the day......

...yep, looks pretty settled. Wind might veer to the 'South' (or is it 'Backs', always get that wrong) and maybe a touch of cloud. No complaints this end.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Surf turned out real nice this evening. Just about glassed off!