Saturday, 2 June 2012

Polzeath surf report

Oh yes, 3ft, fresh easterly, sun shining. The perfect wave set up for the start of the Whitsun / Jubilee. I'd put up a photo but photographer Wapshot's store room flooded last week, all his Canon's destroyed - so he's got mine for a few days. Hence no snappage. You'll have to take my word for the conditions. Come on down. Instructors have been having a play pre-work and have come back in with a full beam.

It was the Wadebridge football presentation evening for the kids last night. Ended up with a lads v dads session. Not entirely sure about the Child Protection Policy on that one! I was able to demonstrate to the younger generation how to find space. As a result I neither received nor touched the ball throughout the entire game! Which looking at the some of the tackles from the little un's who showed no mercy (same could be said of the big un's) suited me just fine!

Strong team on the beach with Big Sam and Rob at the helm today. I've got a good feeling about this team of instructors - most of whom are returnees from last year. Janey's birthday today - off for a bite to eat later en famille, ce soir. Just a bit of French for you. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Special

To mark the very special occassion this weekend, of Janey's birthday (!), we're offering a 10% discount off any red, white or blue Surf's Up! hoodies bought in the Surf's Up! shop from now until Wednesday. That's genius right? You just can't hold me back. Pop in and see Sarah. If you're after a surf lesson, please call to pre-book on 07760 126225 - it's gonna be busy, busy, busy. That's your heads up... you've been warned!

Another little tip off - if you speak nicely to Wailo on the beach, we may have a couple of soft surfboards for sale. Just our little secret okay.

The bunting is up, the flags are flying, 2-3ft forecast for the week, there's a huge buzz of anticipation down here on the beach - we're like coiled springs, good to go. Can't wait! Time to feel that sand between your toes.