Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rooney = Idiot

Loving the stuff on Twitter re. Rooney. On the day that the government makes the biggest cuts in history, Rooney's agents have the nerve to write to say that Man Utd lack ambition and he's off. Man Utd - lack ambition. The day that happens the world will stop turning. Cutting back a bit, trimming the business like every other business - no problem with that. The problem lies with people like him - no loyalty. I hope, and I say this as a fan, that he never plays for Utd again. Makes me mad! And with a private life as mixed up as his, he really is in no position to be telling others how to behave.

I have to admit that I didn't like it at all! Crawling through a cave about the size of me! Horrible. Many years ago there was a celebrity show where these 'C' listers were put through loads of challenges. One of the challenges was to crawl through this cave that got narrower and narrower, so small in the end that the only way they could go was forwards by dragging themselves forward using their arms - it was 100's of yards long, no return. I really couldn't have coped, I definitely would have panicked, big time. Anyway I had flash backs of this programme as I took on the cave today. It wasn't just getting through, it was finding that the tide had cut off the exit at the other end and the only way back out was the same way I'd come in!! big respect for the Chilean Miners. Horrible, horrible, horrible!

With the Beast just over a week away, it was time to take on a time trial. I expect that all cyclists have their favourite routes. (Apparently I'm a MAMIL - Middle Aged Man in Lycra). This particular one is 30 miles. Smashed it - 20 mph average, loving life... then I got a puncture. No big deal. Made the repair, got back on and proceeded to take on the 8 miles back home. But something wasn't right - just felt slow - not really a lack of energy just couldn't get the bike to flow. From speed meister to distinctly average - must be nutrition I thought. Anyway, got back home and dismounted the bike, but dispirited after all the hard training. Pushed it to the garage - but it wouldn't go!! The back brake was locked on! Yippee. A great session all told. Time to bring it on!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day Of Judgement

Only a few hours to go before we find out what's going on with the gov't cuts - could be interesting. Word on the street is that Camelford leisure centre might close, which would be a huge blow to Camelford and surrounding area.

And as for the shocking news of Rooney? My boys are big Rooney fans, but to be fair he's far from a great role model. Can't see him playing another game for Man Utd. Time will tell.

ps I'm getting reports that Penryn are known for being a bit rough in other sports too. And I'm also getting reports that they bring in the best local players from nearby teams by offering them X boxes. Bit of a shame to start that culture at such a young age. So glad we beat them! Yippee.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

October Half Term

The October half term is split over three weeks this year, taking us into the first week of November. Can't remember that happening before. There's a few people down here having already broken up, but looking at the bookings, next week will be the main hit.

I can't wait for the Exmoor Beast now! Nothing like a bit of competition to fire up the old man. 100 miles of pain! Need to tuck in with a fast group and let them take the strain! Still etched in my memory from last year, apart from the 50 mph winds and horizontal rain, was the physical strain of the long steep climbs. Better prepared this time. 31st October can't come around soon enough.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Cycled to Penryn near Falmouth today to watch Billy play footie. Exhausting! Not the bike ride, the spectating! What a match! Totally absorbing. We're pretty laid back supporters but even I had a good old head to head with the other sides parents - very unlike me. Billyman has a turn of speed that no one can deal with down the right wing and what he's learning very quickly is that means that the bigger boys (he plays a year up) who can't keep up just hack him down! The home referee offered him no protection. Following yet another blatant push that sent Billy sprawling right in front of me, I decided to voice my opinion to the ref, which was followed by a volley of abuse from the other supporters. Bad losers - Wadebridge won 2 - 0, Billy scoring the second. Every single Wadebridge player, played out of their skin, as a team performance it was as good as you could see. The commitment they showed defied their age. Penryn were a great great team and piled on the pressure, but they couldn't handle Wadebridge on the break away. Such a fantastic contest. I can't remember watching a more absorbing game of footie, at any level for a long long time.

At the final whistle, Billy was in tears. He'd been kicked from pillar to post, run a million miles, scored a goal, got Man of the Match (could have gone to any of the Wadebridge players), and been subjected to the worst verbal abuse from the oppo that I'd ever heard. I think he'd just given his all and came over all emotional! Good lad! They're a bit rougher down South that's for sure.

At the final whistle I had the joy of walking passed the opposition supporters. I had my speech prepared. "Look guys, we support good football. We applaud other teams good play as much as ours. But that was blatant and your boys were better than that." No-one asked my opinion. The return game will be one to savour!