Friday, 9 December 2011

A load of Surf's Up! Boardshort

I've sneaked a peak in the 'secret cupboard' and I believe that 2012 will once again be the Chinese Year of the Sock. I'm happy with socks; you can't beat a good thick woollen pair in my experience; unlike an egg (geddit!). I've become quite a dab hand with an egg as it goes. My poached ones this morning were out of the top drawer. Springy to the touch and soft in the middle - Monica Galleti would have trouble finding fault with those puppies. Seasoning was spot on too. Which reminds me - chickens are for eggs, not for Christmas, they need a bit of looking after. ("All I'm saying is that it doesn't taste like Turkey" commented Grandma.)

My reference to the tramp, wasn't a joke. I did actually buy a tramp some chips. Myself and Billy had been down to the Royal William Yard to check out the new River Cottage (which looks amazing and totally unaffordable! You have to admire people with so much flair and imagination) and we stopped on the way back for a Mackie D's (much more in budget). As we entered the eaterie I noticed this chap in his 50's checking out the bins and scouring the floor. We got our order, jumped back in the car and on our drive out I spotted the man again. We pulled up alongside and opened up the window. "Dude, you look hungry," I said as I handed him the large portion of fries. His eyes lit up, he was truly stoked. Billy took this all in, then a few minutes later piped up. "Dad, why did you do that?" "Well son, you know sometimes people fall off the track. It's nice to be able to help out those who've fallen on hard times. It's good Karma." I enlightened him. "Yes, I get that Dad. But why did you give him my chips?" He enquired. "Mate, I'm starving! Now less chat and pass me those onion rings!"These life lessons are so important.

I'm deep into a brilliant book at the moment, The Sixth Man by David Baldacci, should nail that one by the end of the day; One of my favourite books of all time is Bounce by Matthew Syed. If you're a parent or coach, I urge you to read it; I see 'Big Dave' (as we know him) Cameron is up against the mighty Merkozy. Big Dave and family have been regular visitors to the surf school this year - he should resist any calls for a referendum. Wagner was kept in for eight weeks on the back of a public vote, I rest my case your honour!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Find a quiet little spot

Big Sam making the most of the difficult conditions. Super windy at this local spot with just Wailo and Sam in the line-up. Bit wet for the photographer as well!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Double Puffer

The wind is a blowin'. It's a double puffer morning make no mistake - gillet and full polar combo. On the beach, the water flowing down stream is heading back upstream from whence it came; the Oystercatchers are stood in formation, bills set to the North-West; and I nearly lost my Mocha, set on the side whilst I took this snap of the lifeguard hut. Now that would be a bad start to any day.

Thought I'd give you a run down of our opening times for the Christmas Period - basically we're open everyday for hire and surf lessons except Christmas Day and a lazy start on New Years Day. The shop will be open during this period as well. Wailin, Big Sam and Paddy are at the helm. Surprisingly, the Beach House is still available for Christmas (23rd - 30th December £650 including any surf hire, sleeps ten right on the beach) when I said before it was 'free', I meant 'available'! We've had new carpets put down and Wailin's been giving it a lick with the furry stick. Come up a treat, ready for 2012.

Surf's Up! Christmas combo's have gone down a storm, enough time to get pressies to you before the big day if you're still on the hunt. I've gone all salesy! I can only apologise; let's change the subject... fitness campaign in full swing, inspired by a conversation with Janey. Stood with little on and giving it the full Arnie pose, I asked her, "Name your three favourite body parts." "Your chin!" she replied. Well cut me down... expeditions across Dartmoor on the road bike are getting results; our gig last weekend finished with a bang, if you weren't there (quite likely as only about 30 people were!) you missed guitar supremo Sam Horan joining us for a rendition of Rockin in the Free World. Reminded me of the Drum Battle between Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, only with axes. Wailin and Sam went head to head in a guitar frenzy; I bought a tramp some chips yesterday which seemed to go down well; I know, it's a slow news day, make no mistake!

Hold onto your hats and take care out there. I'm going outside - cover me!