Monday, 27 June 2011

All the Single Ladies

Tickled into five scoring waves this morning - mainly backhand as it goes, good for the soul. Haven't been in for a while - you'll be glad to hear that none of the magic has been lost! I feel cleansed. Saw Kelly in the line-up, "Compress dude, reach!" I banter with him. It's a drizzly affair as you can see from the photo. But that's a good thing, can keep the crowds at bay. Unlike yesterday when the satellites must have defaulted everyone's sat-nav, sending them all in the direction of Polzeath. As much as I love tourists, can never manage a whole one.

We headed in the opposite direction. Football training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint. Had lunch on the grassy bank at Mount Edgecumbe, where we watched the boats sail by. Never been there before, it's going on my list of top ten places in the South-West. Can't believe you can walk around the grounds for free - nice touch. Special place.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies. All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Put you hands up.... la dee dah. Beyonce, that was a good show - enjoyed a bit of Glastonbury. This will make you laugh - there was a ginger chap who sang an acoustic song, at the place where the presenters do their chatting, wasn't sure of his name but wanted to find out. So I googled the following - 'Ginger, acoustic, Glastonbury' - turns out his name is Ed Sheeran! Not sure why he's missed my radar, but he's on it now. Oh look, he's number three in the charts! Must get with the times. 'A Team', do de do dee dah da - very mellow - got it on youtube as I write. "You, er, you going to be playing that song all day?" asks Rach very politely. "Just one more time Rach. Just one more time! For angels to fly, angels to fly..."

Which reminds me, we've got a gig coming up on Friday at Carters. Keeping the Pyramid Stage dream alive.

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