Friday, 25 May 2012

Venturing further afield

We're venturing further afield - well not that much further, just a short hop across the beach. Here's the official position...

"Lanhdyrock Estate are pleased to welcome Surf’s Up as the new tenant of the 29 acres of the foreshore of New Polzeath Beach owned by the Estate. The Estate received a number of tender applications. Surf’s Up!'s reputation, professionalism and superior standards along with a clear understanding of what works on the beach, made the Director’s decision an easy one." 

There are more than two owners of the beach at Polzeath. Weird to think that anyone owns the beach, but they do. A quite rare state of affairs. The Lanhydrock Estate have decided to make the most of their share and are quite within their rights to do so. We felt that it was an opportunity that we could take advantage of to compliment and work in conjunction with our existing operation.

Do we have plans? Maybe. We'll keep you posted on further developments.... but until then, "I know nothing!" 

ps and you thought we were sleeping!

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