Friday, 25 May 2012

Caption Competition

No mug winners I'm afraid, but loads of great guesses. The bar that finally lured me and the bar that had sat in my freezer for some time calling me whenever the family had retired to bed, "Pete, Pete, over here..." was in fact the Dairy Milk Bubbly. It wasn't a whole bar. It was a part eaten old one of Fin's. I found it in a melted state under the passenger seat of my Ford Mondeo and put it into the freezer for safe keeping. (I should add on behalf of my wife that on the whole our fridge freezer is full of recently purchased products and not discarded random stuff). Despite it's dodgy history, it was silky smooth.
We still have this mug to give away. Go on then, "run the caption competition"... here's a photo I took of Janey back in 1995, one of our first days on the beach. That Surf's Up! sign on the side of the trailer was hand painted - the logo man was called Lenny aka Lenny Logo, simples. It was just me and Janey back then... here's my attempt... Janey saying, "Pete stop banging on about our empire and get this trailer unpacked!" (which if you know me well, is genius!) I think that wins at least a t-shirt.

Let's have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place - a hoody, a mug, a sticker - in corresponding order of best e-mail entries. Make 'em good, make 'em clean.
Latest beach news - last week, too cold. This week, too hot! I've been working all day on my white bits, tomorrow I'm going to work on some Aloa Vera on my red bits!; Our band, Mahoustic is playing tomorrow night at the Oystercatcher. We have a new band member, Sam Horan, who is simply awesome on guitar. Sam and Wailin will be going toe to toe in a solo-off for most of the gig, expect big drawn out endings. All we need now is a decent vocalist!! It'll be the first time we've played a set together, could either be the start or the end of something quite beautiful. Be good to see you there in the mosh. And finally, an official press release from important people...
Right then, I'm going to tickle out on my bike for few miles. Dartmoor Classic coming up in a month, a nasty business. Surf looks great for the weekend, with accompanying sun. Don't forget to bend those knees now.

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