Thursday, 16 July 2009

Is Newquay a hole?

Is Newquay a hole? I don't think so. There's been lots written about it recently following the death of a young lad. It's pretty obvious that the GCSE leavers have disappeared from Polzy, there's a few about but nothing like it used to be, so we have to assume that they've upped sticks and headed south. Can't blame them, we haven't exactly had an inclusive policy towards the young adults have we. We stopped contributing to the police fund years ago realising that actually there's management and there's just plain bullying. I think the policing on Polzeath was overdone, but I also understand that there was an issue.

Back to Newquay .. it serves a purpose. It's great for partying, great for young people and great for surf. That's about it. Okay the drive in is a poor advert for the UK's surfing capital but investment was pouring in to make things better, before the recession took hold. It will improve, but most of the development will no doubt need an upturn before the building continues. We go there loads in the winter with the kids - I think it's a great place for kids to grow up. If you look beyond the pound shops and Newquay Lifeguard hoodies, there are some magical places to visit. You just need to know where to go.

As for the young lad who fell off the cliff. It's a rite of passage to drink too much, drive to fast and experiment with drugs. We just all hope as parents that ours are the lucky ones to come through unscathed.

Disappointment: On my visit to Newquay today I had a KFC. Not something that I choose to do regularly, but it was raining, I was passing ... one thing led to another. The sweet aroma of the deep fried chicken lured me in. Had a sit-in Colonels Original, three pieces. One leg plus two other bits (of chicken I assumed). But no box!! NO BOX!! The chicken came just rattling around in a bag - that's no good. I want a box to catch the juices in. I don't want to put a bag up to my chin. Most unsatisfactory!! Am I getting old?

It's been raining all day! From 9am on and on and on. And the surf's gone small! I think in time today will be forgettable. Unless we get flooded - and on the basis we're on a hill, that would be memorable. I'm sticking with forgettable (yes spell check, with a double t ....tttttttt happy now?)

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