Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Epic surf forecast for the half term

It's looking mighty good. The surf forecast. Early doors for sure, but if we're to believe what we're seeing on the charts then we're looking at head high with light winds for next week!! Not every day, but most. Mild too. It's what you've trained for. So if you're already booked to come down, you can allow yourself a bit of frothage! If you're not sure yet, it's time to commit! And if you're looking to commit and need to sort accommodation, it just so happens that the Beach House is available from this weekend, seven nights £650 sleeps ten (01208 862003 - first one to call with a card seals the deal). Bish bash bosh. Now that would be a great Valentine's Day surprise... "Darling, pack your bags. We're off to Polzy!" "Oh my god, I love you so much!" No thanks required.

With the season fast approaching I'm occasionally asked what's the best way to prepare physically. When I was a stone lighter I was asked more often! Anyway, you know, you come down for a couple of weeks, you want to make the most of your time in the splish splash. Three areas to look at: arm strength for paddling, flexibility for the pop; general cardio for the exertion. Gyming it and running through an overall fitness programme is going to help, as is swimming. But not everyone has the time to jump in the car and slip on the lycra. Perhaps there's something you can do at home. There is, and it'll completely transform not just your physical condition but also zone in on those bits you need for riding those waves... specifically your pop and your turns. Yoga. All the top surfers do it. There's a dvd called Surf into Yoga by surf pro Rochelle Ballard that's very good, but to fair there's so much free stuff on Youtube... just find something you like and mix it up a bit. You don't need to chant or surround yourself with candles. A bit in the morning when you rise and a bit in the evening, job's a goodun'. Makes you feel great too. If you already do it, you'll know the benefits. If you haven't tried it, give it a go. I promise when you hit the beach and you go for that first pop, you'll notice the difference.

Not much else to report down on the beach except that the beach licence issues are back! Cornwall Council are tendering activity licences for every beach that they own. Good plan in my view. The council team has a different look to it with new faces and we're hopeful that they'll consider the many points raised by the 500 + letters sent in by your goodselves, who wrote so passionately in support of our situation and against the change in council policy at the back end of 2013. What we've already seen is the promise of a proper tender process (unlike the 10 working days we were given to prepare a seven year licence application) and a return to surf schools being restricted with maximum pupil numbers (we couldn't agree to a licence without this condition as a no restriction policy is totally contradictary to beach safety). However, a broad sweep approach would not work as every beach is different. Polzeath, for example, has three landowners. So I hope the council take their time to look at the needs of each beach and develop a policy that has support, is safe and improves the beach experience for everyone. Not an easy job, but one worth pursuing. 

Right that's me done. Time to light those candles and do some omming! No chance of getting me ankles stuck behind me ears at this stage, but it's not for the lack of trying.

As you were....


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